Evangelium Lucae (audiobook)

Evangelium Lucae (audiobook)

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Language: Latin

Runtime: 3h 44 minutes

Format: Mp3

By: Sebastianus Castellio

Read by: Daniel Pettersson

This is a 16th century Latin translation of the Gospel of Luke by Sebastianus Castellio (Sébastien Châteillon). His complete translation of the Bible appeared in 1551 and was reprinted well into the 18th century.

Castellio sought to create a new Latin version that would be faithful to the original Hebrew and Greek. Castellio also sought to render the Bible into a Latin more in line with the contemporary humanist ideals of good Latin style. This meant a Latin whose grammar and vocabulary was based on that of the best Roman authors of antiquity. Nevertheless, Castellio’s translation is often very close to that of the Latin Vulgate.

The audio is a professional studio recording with which you can practice your listening comprehension, read along with the narrator to practice your own pronunciation, or listen for the pure enjoyment of listening to Latin.

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