Pugio Bruti – A Crime Story in Easy Latin

Pugio Bruti – A Crime Story in Easy Latin

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By: Daniel Pettersson and Amelie Rosengren

When Terentia’s father dies he leaves her with a dagger and the words ”It will lead you to…”. Alone in Rome, Terentia goes out to find the secret behind her father’s dagger. But she is not the only one, and soon she is fighting for the dagger, its secret and her own future.

Pugio Bruti – A Crime Story in Easy Latin is written with two things in mind: To be a page-turning enjoyable book and to be a great study companion to Latin learners. The unique word count is less than 350 words, giving you easy Latin without compromising the exciting story. It is written as true to classical Latin as possible with stylistic features, phraseology and dialogue patterns from Plautus, Terentius and Petronius, while still being an accessible book to learners of Latin. It is set in a historically authentic context and contains full Latin-English vocabulary.

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